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Tree Trimming Signs and Symptoms

Trimming of a tree is very important around homes, but it isn’t always clear when they need to be trimmed. Here are some of the most common ways that you can tell if a tree needs to be trimmed or cut down.


  1. * If branches of the tree are touching neighboring structures (houses, cars, power lines, etc.) then it would probably be a good idea to trim those branches. It could cause damage if they fell on someone, and it could come into the property of others as well.Tree Trimming in Hudson Valley
  2. * Make sure that there are at least 9 inches from the trunk of the tree to any overhanging power lines. This is so the tree doesn’t interfere with electricity flow or cause fires.
  3. * If you’re trimming the tree yourself, be very careful not to cut into power lines yourself. It can cause serious damage or even your own death if done incorrectly, so never do it when the power is on!
  4. * Make sure that branches are not restricting airflow in any way. This could lead to a break in the bark of the tree, which will then cause water and food loss from the tree and could result in decay and disease.
  5. * If one branch starts to die, check to see if any others on the same part of the tree are dying as well. That might mean an infestation or a fungal or bacterial infection. If so, you’ll need to prune those branches as well.
  6. * If one branch is restricting the growth of another, then you’ll have to remove the first one since it could cause problems for the other branch growing. If that happens, there’s a chance that the second branch may not be able to get enough nourishment from the sun and will die back as well.
  7. * If the tree is diseased, getting too tall, or beginning to split at its trunk, then it may need to be taken down. This could save you a lot of money in the long run if that happens rather than having to replace your entire tree once its extremely tall and heavy branches begin breaking away from the dead center of the tree.
  8. * If you’re unsure about whether or not you should be trimming your trees, then contact a professional arborist to get their advice on the matter. They may offer an annual plan where they will check in with you and see how things are going outside around your property every year.
  9. * Never try to climb up into the tree yourself to do it. It’s better to just get a professional out there if you’re not experienced with trimming trees.