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About Our Team

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Hudson Valley Tree takes care of those tree taming jobs that can otherwise threaten people and property not to mention derail your development dreams. We love trees, we love to care for trees - we are professional arborists after all. However we have all worked with trees long enough to know that left uncared for those same trees can spell all kinds of trouble. Overhanging branches threaten power lines and window glass. Low hanging boughs create headroom issues and menace motorists. Falling tree trunks can do untold damage to walls and roofs and let’s not even think about what happens if people happen to be in the way when those trunks tumble.


So we trim trees to manageable sizes and also prune them so that they grow the way you want as well as the healthiest way possible long into the future. We also fell trees in a careful and planned way so that we trim back boughs first and cut trees in appropriate segments to completely eliminate any risk to people or property in the removal process. We don’t stop there either. We grind those remaining tree stumps into the ground and indeed grind below ground level. Or if you need the stump, tree, and root network completely removed we can dig it all out and then fill in the resulting crater. We reclaim land from tangled growth, rocks, and old concrete, clearing it all so it can be reused for better things. So get in touch and find out more about what we can do for you.

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