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Arborist Cornwall

When it comes to tree trimming, many of us think that this only happens in cartoons; however, the process is very real. A lot of hard work goes into making sure trees are trimmed at their proper height and angles so that they can grow healthy and avoid being damaged or destroyed during a lifetime. In Cornwall, an arborist who specializes in trimming trees is called upon when a business owner wants to take down a huge part of a tree’s canopy because it isn’t conducive to business growth viability. This doesn’t necessarily mean the owner has been neglecting those overhanging branches, but it could have been as simple as wanting better visibility for customers coming up from the parking lot where those leaves were obstructing the view.


Some people might think that tree trimming is simply sawing off a few branches, but the reality is that it’s a delicate and skilled process that should be done by an experienced professional. If done improperly, you can damage the tree and even kill it. In fact, Cornwall arborist are often called in to help save trees that have been damaged in storms or otherwise compromised. When trimming a tree, there are three main things that need to be considered: the health of the tree, the shape of the tree, and the clearance around the tree.


Arborist Cornwall NY

The health of the tree is important because if you cut off too many branches at once, you could damage or kill the tree. Arborists usually only take off branches that grow from the inside out because it is better for the tree’s health. Arborists look at how a tree naturally grows in order to determine what shape best suits it, taking into account its height and width when developing an appropriate plan. They don’t want to make cuts that damage or kill the tree’s ability to grow in a healthy way. Cutting off too much of a branch could change a healthy growth pattern and cause harm to large sections of a canopy. Also, trees with wide canopies need more space between them for clearance for sunlight and airflow.