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Hudson Valley, NY Stump Grinding & Removal Service

a huge tree stump

Tree removal doesn’t include the stump, at least not in the standard deal of most arborists. That means that the stump is left cut close to or nearly flush with the ground but still there nonetheless. In many cases that’s just fine; end of story, because the tree and its crown are gone and the space is clear, but sometimes land usage changes and those low stumps get in the way of vehicle access, or threaten to trip unwary passers by, or just look like broken teeth set in the lawn. Which means it's time to remove and grind that stump.



Stump Grinding

There are stump grinders, and there are stump grinders. You may have seen lawn mower sized units which are great for getting into relatively tight corners and grinding out the small but intrusive stumps particularly those close to buildings. For really big jobs we can bring out the big guns in the form of tractor mounted vertical grinders with rotating cutting discs and carbide teeth. That chews down even the biggest of diameter stumps and pursues it below the soil level to take out the top of the root network. Stump grinding is the end of most customer’s stump issues although there are some exceptions.


Stump Removal

While stump grinding is normally more than enough to settle the issue there are some situations that call for us to go above and beyond. Where stump grinding doesn’t leave a gaping hole a full stump removal does and that means another job of filling it which adds to the cost. Stump removal means having the access to bring a digger or backhoe to the party and rip out the old stump. Actually stump removal is a bit of a misnomer because most of the time what we’re really trying to remove is the root network itself and that’s the key difference between grinding and removal. That root network is left largely in place with grinding and that can continue to cause problems. If the roots are interfering with other trees, or threatening the structural integrity of nearby buildings they have to be dealt with. Disease and rotting wood in the undersoil remains of a tree can also cause problems that demand full removal. So while it is harder and more intrusive there are times when there is no alternative.


Chemical Removal

There are chemicals that will help eat away at the problem roots we can’t reach but remember than any chemical that’s poisonous to the tree will likely have an impact on the immediate environment so we try to avoid them where possible


Ground Mulch

For both grinding and hauling out with a backhoe we can offer to grind the remainder of the stump and the roots that we pull out to make an environmentally friendly mulch to encourage the growth and protect other plants in your yard. Call us now and explain your needs and we’ll be happy to suggest the best way to deal with that stump today.

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