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Storm Damage

a tree fell on the house

Of course if you’re looking at a tree brought down by a storm then you know what the damage is and you should be calling us immediately to deal with it. But it’s not always that simple. Knowing how serious the damage is to trees isn’t always as obvious as stepping over a trunk on the ground and seeing what it smashed on it’s way down. There are many types of damage that can be caused by storms and some of them aren’t even immediately visible. Which is why you want to call in our trained arborists to ensure that your property and family are safe and will continue to be so and to see what we can do in terms of first aid for your trees.


Things to Look For

A tree doesn’t have to be down to be damaged. A branch doesn’t have to be hanging loosely to be a threat to life and property. Signs of trouble that need to be addressed immediately include splits in boughs and soil disturbance where trees and their roots have clearly been pushed to the side. Broken branches may be a sign of other damaged branches elsewhere to it’s worth checking


Am I Insured?

That’s usually the first question people have for us and the answer is that it depends on the small print of your home insurance policy. Usually though for storm damage that has affected your property you will be insured. Be aware that if it is your tree that has damaged a neighbor’s property then they will usually claim on your insurance - which is a very strong argument for thoroughly checking for any signs of damage after a storm. If in doubt then call us and we will make that tree safe so you don’t end up paying the bill for any damage to your neighbor.


Save That Tree

While damage to property and risk to life and limb are obviously top of our agenda we will always try to save a storm damaged tree. In some cases that only requires tending to bark damage which we will patch like a band aid. In other cases, particularly with split boughs or trunks the treatment is more complex and more like dealing with a broken bone. We can splint the damage but may have to provide alternative support to help the tree take its own weight either temporarily or permanently.


Clearing Up

Of course once we’ve ensured that nobody is going to get hurt by a damaged tree and no property, automobiles, or power lines are likely to suffer from hidden weaknesses we set to work clearing up the mess that Mother Nature has left behind. We cut away damaged or irreparable tree limbs, collect the fallen branches and leaves, and inspect other neighboring trees for any damage as well. Then we haul away anything you don’t want, or grind larger timber items for mulch for your yard. We’re good at this, and we never make a drama out of a storm.

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