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Land Clearing

a scattered tree logs

There are dozens of reasons why you might want to repurpose land. Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have bought some empty space that you want to develop and need it swept clear of rocks, stumps, trees, and other obstacles that are in the way of your construction fleet and your projects. Not a problem; we can deal with that. Or perhaps it’s just a section of yard that has run wild for long enough and now needs taming because it’s time to create a lawn, or a swimming pool, or a patio. No matter how big or small the plot of land that needs clearing get in touch with us and we will talk through the best ways to clear that land so you can get on with turning your dreams into reality.



Also called grubbing and dozing this is the brutal but brutally efficient way of clearing large amounts of land fast. Essentially we use bulldozer and backhoe machinery to push over any standing trees and to scrape the ground clean of mid sized rocks, old broken brick, or even thin concrete layers that may be left over from previous projects. The good news is that pushover also brings up the roots of any trees being excavated so you get the lot, the bad news is that this creates a huge hole in the soil - but there again that’s why we bring the bulldozer. Be aware that the need for a second pass over the soil to smooth out the holes and drag away wood will add an extra step to the process.


Cut and Grind

Cut and grind means the same approach you see on our pages about tree removal but instead of hauling the entire tree out of the ground we cut it down to size and then grind the stump down below the level of the topsoil to leave a smooth surface that’s ready to work on. One of the advantages of cut and grind is that it doesn’t leave craters that then have to be filled and so needs less machinery and with that less access to the plot.



Yes it is possible to clear land with a controlled burn but that word control is all important here. Don’t ever think that a match and a can of gas is going to sort out all your problems. Obviously we only even consider controlled burns where the situation is perfect for that approach.



Rocks, tree trunks, old concrete - if you’re clearing land then there’s all the stuff you cleared that had to be got rid of. We haul that for you and dispose of it properly so you don’t have to worry about local building codes. Let us talk to you about how to preserve that topsoil now that it’s been exposed by the clearance. We’re as happy to help with regrowth as we are with clearing. Whatever land you need to clear, and whatever you mean to do with it after clearance, call us today to discuss your options and the best price available.

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