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Hudson Valley, NY Tree Removal Service

someone cutting the tree log

We love trees and it pains us to have to remove them but we’ve been working with trees long enough to know that sometimes it has to be done and when it does then it should be done well, efficiently, and affordably. That’s where we come in. While we never remove a healthy tree unless there’s a good reason, we have made a lot of customers happy with our safe and efficient tree removal services.  Let’s consider just why you might want to remove a tree, and why you would want to call on us to do it for you.


Reasons for Tree Removal

There are lots of situations where skilled professional tree removal is the only answer. The obvious one is a fallen tree, often from storm damage. That situation sees the tree go from being a living asset in your yard to a lump of timber that may block access to your property and in that case you’ll need us to come as soon as possible - which is why we have an emergency service.  Then there’s the issue of trees that haven’t fallen but are no longer structurally sound due to deformed growth or cracking and unsound trees pose a constant threat. Then there’s the hidden threat of roots that now menace structures, or trees that have grown aggressively to threaten other plants or buildings. Sometimes there’s a realization that the tree that was planted is wrong for its environment - perhaps it hogs water for example, and that a replacement tree would be better in its place.  In all of these cases the important thing is not just to remove the tree but to do it safely and just like demolishing a building that means avoiding anything falling in a way that threatens other structures.


Cut and Remove

Where a tree has a large crown it is not safe to simply chainsaw through the trunk and hope for the best. Before we bring down a larger tree we first chop the branches or boughs in such a way that we have them cleared safely away before we take on the trunk. Then we may bring the trunk down in one if we have the luxury of space, or we may take it down in pieces.


Chemical Removal

You may have heard of chemical removal and it’s true that there are many ways to kill a tree including injecting herbicides but we don’t normally recommend that. For a start we simply avoid using poisons of any kind, no matter how long they’ve been approved because we are looking at your yard with your plants and probably your family and pets. However sometimes it may be best to use chemicals to deal with roots after we’ve cut down a tree, particularly where physical removal of the root is not possible due to the nearness to your home.



Increasingly customers are asking us to grind the tree on their premises and use the natural wood chips for mulch. Makes sense to us. If you’d prefer we ground your tree rather than cutting it up and hauling it then we are happy to do that for you.

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